Lunch @ Bukku Cafe, Setia Alam

I can't resist to check out this cute little Bukku Cafe after my sis pegi sana. Cam ada filter2 kat japan jer biler duduk situ.

Especially the backyard. They filled up with aper wood tah to cover the floor. It was too warm to stay outside. Konpem bepeloh punyer lah. I thought takde tempat dah because dalam dah full house. Rupanya can go to first floor as they have more seating.

This boy keeps giving us the 'thug life' pose, lol!

Abam jeeb pegang bunga tengok bunga #eh 

Upstairs ada bukku section jugak. Anddd some toys for kids to be occupied.

Drinks and food that we ordered

The boys busy with their own thing except for that small one yang mintak dilayan hehe.

After makan we dropped by this quite new jaya grocer. Cantekkkk tapik paneh bedentung! 

Diorama Animals Habitat

Diorama project is a fun thing to do. But provided you have all the materials and sufficient time. We got this assignment in the middle of the week. Tuh pon dengar from other mommies in WhatsAppp who asked about the submission date. But when i asked Qeeb, he said he don't know much. Well i can't dwell on it too much because he had diarrhea+gastric and had to skip school for 3 days.

We checked out the text book. Ada options polar region, ocean, jungle, desert and mountains. Qeeb said he's interested to do polar region, soooo polar bear and such it is. So this was what we came out with. (Confession: i had to admit mostly it was me because i need to put double sided everything to make sure it sticks well and tahan lasak)

"Polar habitats are located in the very north (Arctic) and very south of the globe (Antarctica). Polar habitats have just two seasons – summer and winter (but even summer is normally very cold)." We used Native shoe box, which already in blue color…

Irvins Salted Egg

This chips is dangerously addictive! I don't think ada jual officially in KL yet. Luckily my colleague balik SG every week, so dapat lahh mintak tolong dia belikan few times. Small pack costed rm25. Saw someone sell this in shopee marked up the price up to rm40!

Craving fulfilled!

Day 3 @ Genting Highland 2018

After breakfast, we checked out and hangkut semua bag letak dalam keta. Posing2 dulu kat garden area. Zafeer asyik nak tgk fish since day 1 we arrived. Soo bawak lah turun tgk dekat2 sket. I just noticed that Zafeer biler mood ok to take photos, he will gives that 'thug life' pose. Lol, ikut saper lah tuh.

Then we naik shuttle bus again to go to GPO. Saja jalan2 last round. Since Jeeb was on diet, so takde lahh nak menyinggah makan ice cream ker aper. tak syiok takde geng. If makan dengan the kids jer kang end up i ate more because i had to finish it for them.

Nak sangat naik train, sila lah duduk dalam train sendu 2 round. I sempat masuk keluar couple of shops.

Colorful train against gloomy sky

View of Awana Skyway bus station

And it's time to go home! Konon nak amik few portrait mode tapik asik kene photobombed!

Day 2 @ Genting Highland 2018

We had breakfast at the hotel then start off our little adventure. We went for a cable car ride to Sky Avenue, weeee!

Love morning sunlight = beautiful lighting

Naik free shuttle bus again. The kids were so excited! Because first time naik the night before everything kinda pitch black outside. So today cerah lah sket mata nampak scenery.

At first, i queued at ticketing counters because i wanna ask something. But apparently, the waiting is longer because they cater for big group. Kiosk is faster but u have to have cash. I don't think the machine accepts card.

No free ride for you Zafeer haha

We chose the glass floor cable car just to experience it. It's very pricey RM35 per pax regardless umur. But worth the excitement and the thrill! I think my entire experience naik cable car this time totally different compared to dulu2. Now is like super laju and banyak gondola! No need to wait sangat pon.

It's totally worth it for first timer because it was fun naik glass floor gondola…