Friday, March 17, 2017

[Fri-Yeay Link] Part 24

Happy Fri-Yay!

  • Breeding phyton with smiley emoji patterns. If breed cemnie kat cats cute jugak. But how is that possible? Link: Smiley phyton.
  • Star Wars lip balm is shooo cute! I love storm tropper and R2D2! Link: Lip balm series by Lip Smacker.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weekend @ Home

Last weekend we just hang out at home. On Saturday we only kluar kejap for Qeeb's swim class. It was also Zafeer's first experience in kids pool and he loved it! He kicked laughed and kicked again. It was all cute until it's time to go shower and clean up. The first dilemma was who to change first – me or him? Arrghhh what a struggle! After sumer dah changed, Qeeb nak makan ice cream, ok fine go ahead. While Zafeer wants his milk and dozed off. Sampai rumah dia continued to sleep for another 3 hours.

Weekend @ Swimming Pool

On Sunday, bawak Qeeb gi potong rambut. The rest of the day just chillax, makan, tido, watch netflix and some revision for Qeeb's 1st exam.

Weekend @ Swimming Pool

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole2 Bali, Empire

We had lunch at Ole Ole Bali (OOB) sempena k.Shua's birthday. We arrived a bit late because tunggu Zafeer bangun from his nap. Dunno lah why this year takde mood nak amik gambar pulak compared to last year. So gambar pon main random snap takde efforts to get a good angle. 

K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire  K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire
K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire

Time kat OOB we were still kenyang because we had brunch at Burger King earlier.  So we ordered something light jer. One juice - green apple splash

K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire  K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire

And one dessert - Pisang panggang. Thanks to kShua the birthday girl yang blanja everyone instead. Semoga murah rezeki :)

K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire

After that we went to Parkson, SP to find replacement for Qeeb's school bag yang dah koyak talinya. Jumpe lah satu yang berkenan because ada discount and beroda. I hope lepas nie takdelah teruk sangat dia kene carry heavy books on his shoulder. Dahler anakanda haluih, kang terbantut tumbesaran. Then patah balik ke Empire to get our car and rasa dahaga yaamat! MBG plak susun cantek jer all this juices that we just had to buy it - 2 for RM10. Tapik sket sangat so tak puas minom.

K.Shua's Birthday Lunch @ Ole Ole Bali, Empire

Monday, February 27, 2017

CSR Program

Joined CSR program for the first time ever. Usually the timing always clashed with something else. In fact this round too, but i managed to reschedule the other stuff while Jeeb took Qeeb to his swim class. I arrived at LK about 10am, gathered with colleagues and our soon to be new family member because it was a joint event. Masuk the hall, kene sanitize our hands first and pakai gloves.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

The NGO briefed us on do's and don'ts. I loved his speech because it was short and concise. Our main task is to pack meals.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

What's inside of each pack? Rice, dal, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring multivitamix mix.

CSR Stop Hunger Now

Dah packed and sealed, masukkan dalam box. I think we completed 20,000 packs on that day. During the packing session, they put on energetic happy songs. So may positive and happy spirit absorbed dalam those meal gituh. According to the NGO, the packages will be distributed to orang asli so that they'll get proper nutrients.

CSR Stop Hunger Now  CSR Stop Hunger Now

And it's a wrap. Hope i'll get to join this kind of activity again. 

CSR Stop Hunger Now

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Which School Stuff Do You Prefer?

Amongst the conflicts yang kene hadap time nak carik Qeeb's school stuff awal tahun. Check out the full list from Says on things that still haunt me after all these years of leaving school. 

We opted for backpack (preschool bagi last year so it was free) because i find trolley bag is heavy. And expensive too! Plus considering the possibility Qeeb kene turun naik tangga it will be hard to carry trolley bag. But after 1.5 months, Qeeb's backpack dah putus because the books are super heavy! Now we are really considering trolley bag. And Qeeb plak not really into bag yang ada katun2, so we haven't jumpe yang berkenan.

Of course name chop rules! because lagik senang dan cepat. Dolu penah buat sticker cam on the left tuh tok tampal kat pencil colors. But tatahan. In the end i just marked double stripes on all the pencils and colors with sharpie. While for books, i printed his name on sticker paper, potong sendiri and tampal. I'm still going to buat that chop tapik tah biler hak hak.

I love eraser pen because slim and fit dalam pencil case cantek jer. But eraser is way more practical kalo nak padan secara besar2an. For boys memang sesuai beli normal eraser jer. Cuma yang tatahan nyer biler dorang cucuk2 lubang dengan pencil. Geli jadiknyer.

It's either kotak pensel or zip pencil case. I remember struggle nak bukak kotak pensil yang tanak melurut (atas bawah) or magnet terbukak abes bertabur barang. So beli yang zip secure sket cuma nak kene korek2 laa carik barang and yang amazeballs nyer kengkadang tak jumpe wpon mmg dalam tuh. 

Budak skolah kecik takleh pakai pensel tekan2. So 2B pencils it is. Kene beli berkotak2 sebab kene sharp tiap2 hari. Not too mention dorang patahkan on purpose sebab main cucuk2 kat eraser. 

Wpon shoes with laces lagik cun and cool, gotta admit velcro straps wins hahaha. We even carik yang single velcro straps jer. Dolu pakai kasut with shoe lace,i don't like the part kene take out the tali and memberus. 

Ok this one is definitely for me. Gel pen obviously. Even Qeeb pon prefers gel pen time drawing because the ink kluar tak sekat2 when he draws line. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Qeeb's Sukaneka 2017

Last weekend we attended sukaneka at Qeeb's school. It was bright and hot sebab angin tak rasa sangat. And i forgot to bring my sunglasses. After the kids did their senamrobik session, the sukaneka started.

Sukaneka 2017

Yeah, sort of sleepy there. 

Sukaneka 2017  Sukaneka 2017

Waiting for our kids turn. Luckily Qeeb's group was the first to start.

Sukaneka 2017

Food stall meriah this year and banyak variety. We just bought shaved ice and watermelon juice to quench thirst.

Sukaneka 2017

Cute eh the shaved ice. It costed rm5.

Sukaneka 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wedding Shil

Last night we attended Shil's wedding reception at Laman Kygn. When we arrived, the pengantin baru jer sampai and we waited a while sementara tunggu dorang walk down the aisle. It was a nice garden wedding like and the aircond hebat!

Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam

The bride and groom baru nak start makan.

Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam

I love the dessert table. Time tuh queue was pretty long, so i had mihun sup first. 2nd round baru nak amik nasik dah banyak food abes. Laju betol because according to Jeeb time dia queue banyak lagik.

Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam  Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam

Nice lighting and decoration. So you can imagine with full blast aircond, how comfy all the guests were.

Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam


Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam  Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam

Pengantin at the dais. [Left bottom] Rizal, abg pengantin with nephew. Encem Idris pakai baju melayu lengkap. [Right bottom] Me and Jeeb before we made a move.

Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam
Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam  Wedding Shil&Hafidz @ Laman Kayangan, Shah Alam